Who said UK Manufacturing is Dead?

By buntingeurope | 18 August 2014

UK Manufacturing & Engineering

There appears to be a constant feeling of gloom around UK manufacturing and engineering, mainly fuelled by the media.  However, in Berkhamsted is a company who manufactures in the UK and who continues to expand at a rapid rate of knots.  Recently, they had a series of photographs taken in their UK facility just to emphasise the manufacturing side to the operation.  Despite being part of a global organisation, Bunting Magnetics in the UK continues to invest in their manufacturing facility to serve their customers across Europe.  So why aren’t Bunting moving all their manufacturing East to a low cost manufacturing country such as China or India?

There is not one simple straight forward answer.  It is a complex strategic decision.  Several words and phrases that do apply are consistent quality, escalating transport costs, skills, control and, possibly the most important of all, maintaining excellent customer service.

Bunting has made a strategic decision not only to continue to manufacture in the UK but to expand.  The demand for their products grows, especially as customers find that the quality of competitors’ product and service is an issue.

So, whoever did suggest that UK Manufacturing was Dead, hasn’t been to Berkhamsted and I strongly suggest that they do.

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