Was Exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing 2015 a Success?

By buntingeurope | 18 February 2015

Bunting Magnetics at Southern Manufacturing 2015 (2)Southern Manufacturing Exhibition 2015

The exhibition closes and the weary exhibitors pack up their stands and disappear away into the night.  Many have spent all 3 days on their feet greeting customers and talking with prospects whilst drinking far too much coffee and eating all the wrong foods.  Anyone who has not manned an exhibition stand will just not appreciate how long the days are, how hoarse your voice gets and how likely it is that you will pick up a cold or cough on the way.

With all that in mind, we have to ask ourselves whether our attendance at the Southern Manufacturing 2015 show could be classed as a success.

Before booking the stand we all agreed that exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing was important, primarily because many of our customers are from the manufacturing industrial sector.  We set our objectives, focusing on maintaining and further developing existing relationships, whilst also introducing us to new prospects.  Our expectations were realistic and we carried out some pre-show marketing leading up to the show to announce our presence and participation.

Alan Why, our Sales Manager, was really pleased.  “80% of the people who visited our stand were new potential clients.  This was surprisingly high.  People were keen to find out more about many of our products, but it was the Magnets that proved to generate the greatest level of interest.  Over the next week or so our focus is to contact everyone who visited us.”

So, was it successful?  “Absolutely!” Alan says.  “Yes, we would have liked more footfall, but sadly that is indicative of many exhibitions today.  However, the people who came to the stand had specific requirements.  And in 2016 we will be there again.”

Southern Manufacturing 2015 was the first exhibition for Bunting in 2015 and details of the other shows being attended can be found on their website.

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