The benefits of a Twin Pole Overband Magnet

By buntingeurope | 22 February 2016

The Bunting Product of the Month for February 2016

The Overband Magnet is one of the most commonly used Magnetic Separators in the world and is found suspended over conveyor belts transporting materials such as aggregate, household refuse and woodchips.

Bunting Overband Magnet over Conveyor

The basic design of an Overband Magnet has a Magnet Block positioned between two pulleys over which runs a rubber conveyor belt.  The conveyor is driven either with a hydraulic or electric motor and enables ferrous metal attracted up to the face of the Magnet Block to be transported away from the conveyor and discarded.

The magnetic magic of an Overband Magnet is the design of the Magnet Block.  The vast majority of Overband Magnets have single pole Magnet Blocks, but the Bunting design is different.

Bunting Overband Single and Twin Pole Magnetic Field

The Bunting Overband Magnet has a Magnet Block with two magnetic poles.  This is more difficult to manufacture and uses more material, but enables an enhanced level of separation.  In certain applications such as removing nails from conveyed woodchips, the Twin Pole Overband Magnet is the only suitable design.

So when should a Twin Pole design of Overband Magnet be considered?  If the following is important, then a Twin Pole Overband Magnet design should be used:

  • Maximum separation of ferrous metal to protect processing equipment such as a crusher;
  • When separating ferrous metal that is long and thin (such as nails from woodchip).  A Single Pole design will result in nails hitting the conveyor on the point and sticking into the belt;
  • Maximum recovery of ferrous metal such as in refuse and MRF recycling operations;

A selection of photographs of installed Bunting Overband Magnets can be seen on our Pinterest and Flickr social media channels.

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