Talking Plastics Recycling in Rotterdam

By buntingeurope | 03 November 2016

Plastics Recycling Conference

Leading industry publication. Recycling Today, organised a conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands discussing the challenges of plastics recycling.  Plastics Recycling Conference Europe (2-3 November 2016) features speakers from companies across the World, bringing together a wealth of plastic recycling knowledge.

Our Head of Sales, Dave Hills, was supporting one of our customers, Recapture Plastics.  Roger Evans of Recapture has many years of experience in plastics recycling and was giving a presentation on setting up a plant in the UK.

Recapture Plastics purchased a Metal Separation Module (Drum Magnet and Eddy Current Separator) and a Metal Separator to remove metal contamination from reclaimed plastic.  The equipment formed one part of an extensive recycling process.

Bunting Metal Separation System Recapture Plastics

Roger was speaking in a section of the conference looking at the economics of plastics recycling.  A great deal of the conference had focused on addressing the issue of packaging plastics (eg bags and film), but Roger explained how his recycling operation in Kent is based around recycling hard plastics.

Hard plastics contribute around 42% to the total amount of plastic waste.  Roger identified this as a niche market.  It took 2 years to develop and start the plant from the initial concept and, during this period, Recapture had to overcome a series of hurdles.

Setting up the plant and developing the process to produce a valuable product took time.  Having a close working relationship with the equipment suppliers was vital as the process was adjusted to deliver the best result.

There are also many financial challenges that Recapture had to overcome.  There were the initial setup costs, including the cost of the processing equipment.  Once the plant was operational, they had to pay up front for waste material to process.  Delivery of material could take 4 weeks and then payment for the sale was usually 30 days post delivery, stretching the cash flow.  Such financial challenges make it difficult for smaller businesses to open plastics recycling operations.

The Kent plant has now been operational for nearly 12 months and is producing high quality plastic flake.  Roger is already looking at replicating the plant at 2 locations in the UK.

As highlighted at the K Plastics Show, Plastics Recycling is not given the level of importance it needs.  Plastic waste continues to hit the headlines in a negative way and the establishment of plastics recycling plants like Recapture Plastics is essential.

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