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The Plastic Future

Plastic Waste

Over the last two years there has been an unprecedented backlash against single use plastics.  Despite the data and reports being readily available for decades, the general public’s awareness of the problems associated with plastic waste was ignited by Sir David Attenborough and the BBC’s Blue Planet television series.  Since then, public pressure has galvanized politicians…

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Product Design is vital to meet Future Recycling Goals

Is Our Environmental Future Simply Down to Design? Technology that enables the separation of one or more materials from another has been essential even before the industrial revolution.  The more recent global necessity for the reclamation, reuse and recycling of materials has driven equipment developers to develop a wide range of separation systems to separate…

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New Magnetic Separator Recovers Printed Circuit Boards

Separating PCBs from Shredded Plastic and White Goods Bunting Magnetics has developed a new Magnetic Separator that separates and recovers Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).  The High Intensity Separation Conveyor (HISC) has an exceptional strong magnetic head pulley and was originally designed to separate very weakly magnetic materials such as abraded and shredded stainless steel.  During…

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Is Household Waste Recycling Economically Sustainable?

Councils Losing Income – Price of Recycled Materials Falls The slowdown in the global economy is impacting the viability of many recycling operations, reports the BBC.  Local authorities have seen falls in steel prices of 88% and a halving in the price of waste plastic. The fall in the price of recycled materials comes at…

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Recycling In England Slowly Up To 44.2% – CIWM ’14

“Recycling In England Slowly Inches Up To 44,2%” (Article in CIWM December 2014 issue page 8). The article discusses the 2013 recycling rates in England and the increase by 0.1% on 2012. Initial indications show that rates in the first part of 2014 have increased to 44.5%. So how does England compare with their EU…

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Recycling Case Histories from 2014

In 2014, Case Histories, providing details of where and why Bunting Magnetic Separation equipment has been installed, were published in both UK and international press and featured in the news section of the Bunting Europe website.  Such articles helped increase the profile of Bunting and our customers and is set to continue in 2015.  We…

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Is It Easy To Recover Used Beverage Cans From Waste?

Used Beverage Cans (UBCs) are some of the easiest materials to recycle.  Today, many authorities dictate that beverage cans and a mix of other ‘recyclables’ are segregated at source by the consumer, but many still end up in the waste stream.  So, if they are so easy to recycle, then how easy is it to…

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