Should You Always Use the Strongest Magnet?

By buntingeurope | 08 August 2016

 1st of 10 Magnetic Separator Myths

Strongest is always best, or is it?  Commonly, companies will call and request a quote for a Magnetic Separator with the strongest magnet.  But is that actually what they need?

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The strongest magnetic fields are produced by specialist Superconducting Magnets and are used in industrial and medical applications.  However, their use in industry is very specific due to the high capital cost and you would not find a Superconducting Magnet installed in a food processing line removing nuts and bolt.  So, immediately the term ‘strongest’ has lost some relevance.

Also, the wide range and varied designs of Magnetic Separator means that comparing one with another on the basis of magnetic strength alone is impossible.  If they are the same type of magnetic separator (e.g. a Cartridge or Tube Magnet), then you have a chance, but even then strongest magnet is not necessarily the best solution for the specific metal separation issue.

Before quoting for any magnetic separator, it is vitally important for us to understand the application and there are a number of key questions that we ask.  They include:

  1. What is the metal that needs be magnetically separated? How big?  How magnetic?
  2. From what is the metal to be magnetically separated?
  3. Why does the metal need to be removed? Is it to protect some down-line processing equipment?  Is it to recover the metal?
  4. How is the material being transported? Is it on a conveyor or as a slurry in a pipeline?
  5. What is the budget?

Armed with this information, the application can then be assessed by experienced engineers and a suitable design and strength of magnetic separation will be proposed.

However, do not be surprised if it isn’t the strongest magnet.

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