Renmar Plastics & Bunting Magnetics Collaboration

By Paul Fears | 18 February 2019

Renmar Plastics Machinery and Bunting Magnetics Europe have established a close working collaboration.  Both companies provide process solutions to the plastics sector.

“Our objective is to provide all our customers with the best service possible,” explained Tom Higginbottom, Bunting’s Sales Engineer.  “Developing a close relationship with Kevin [Horne] and the team at Renmar enables us to do just that.”

Renmar Plastics Machinery

Tom Higginbottom from Bunting (left) and Kevin Horne from Renmar

Renmar Plastics Machinery

Renmar Plastics Machinery is a family-run business with many years of experience in the plastics sector.  They work with a small number of carefully selected international manufacturers with quality products have an impressive range of ancillary equipment and machinery.

Bunting has supplied metal separation equipment to Renmar for several years.  This includes both magnetic separators and metal detectors.  The Bunting equipment is used to detect and remove damaging tramp metal from plastic feed, protecting injection moulder machines and product quality.

FF Drawer Filter Magnet

FF Drawer Filter Magnet

Metal separators have featured in several recent projects for Renmar.  A small Permanent Overband Magnet was mounted across a conveyor to lift and remove ferrous metals from shredded plastic.  On a virgin plastic process, Drawer Filter Magnets removed millimetre sized ferrous metals from beads before a Free-Fall Metal Detector identified and ejected non-ferrous metal contaminants.  In another project, Renmar installed a meTRON 05 Underbelt Metal Detector to detect needles in plastic sheet produced from shredded recycled materials.

Growth in Plastics Recycling

Activity in plastics recycling has increased significantly for Renmar since 2017.  Due to the nature of the secondary material, there is often a higher proportion of contamination including metal.  There is also a drive towards producing smaller-sized, higher-quality granulated plastics from waste.  This raises the value of the product, but increases the possibility of equipment damage due to metal contamination.  The selection and installation of the optimum design of metal separator is critical to the successful operation of the recycling plant.

Kevin Horne, Director of Renmar, saw an opportunity to forge a closer relationship with Bunting in order to provide their clients with the most up-to-date and technically advanced metal separation solutions.  Bunting engineers are readily available to discuss issues and visit site.

The Renmar team is a well-known within the plastic industry and renamed as Renmar Plastic Machinery in 2017.  Renmar and Bunting are both members of The British Plastics Federation, promoting best practice in the industry.

For further information about metal separation equipment designed for removing metal during the plastic or plastic product manufacturing process, please contact us via:

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