Recycling In England Slowly Up To 44.2% – CIWM ’14

By buntingeurope | 13 January 2015

Discarded Toner and Laser Cartridges at BCMY“Recycling In England Slowly Inches Up To 44.2%” (Article in CIWM December 2014 issue page 8). The article discusses the 2013 recycling rates in England and the increase by 0.1% on 2012. Initial indications show that rates in the first part of 2014 have increased to 44.5%.

So how does England compare with their EU neighbours?

The European Environment Agency (EEA) produced figures for the EU countries which can be seen on their website.  Austria and Germany lead the way with 63% and 62% respectively, with Belgium (58%), The Netherlands (51%) and Switzerland (51%) all exceeding the 50% mark.

However, the CIWM Journal also reports (December 2014 page 7) that recycling in Wales for 2013-14 has reached 54.3% and in Northern Ireland is 45.2%.

Italy (36%), France (35%) and Spain (33%) are all languishing behind the countries in the UK.

With many European companies facing economic pressures, maybe a focus on increased recycling rates would help boost the economies.

Supporting recycling initiatives is a key focus for Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd in 2015 and details of projects where they have installed Magnetic Separation Equipment to separate and recover metals can be read on the news section of their website including the article on how the UK company BCMY is using a Bunting Drum Magnet to process and recycle old laser and toner cartridges that can no longer be reused.

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