Recycling Case Histories from 2014

By buntingeurope | 05 January 2015

In 2014, Case Histories, providing details of where and why Bunting Magnetic Separation equipment has been installed, were published in both UK and international press and featured in the news section of the Bunting Europe website.  Such articles helped increase the profile of Bunting and our customers and is set to continue in 2015.  We wish to thank our customers for agreeing to the features.

The Case Histories focusing on recycling in 2014 included:

  1. Wheatway and Cotswold Recycling use Bunting Magnets to Remove Steel from Old Landfill – This discussed how both Cross Belt Overband Magnets and Magnetic Pulleys had been used to remove and recover the steel;Bunting Cross Belt Magnet
  2.  BCMY Ltd Recycle Laser & Toner Printer Cartridges – Using a Bunting Magnetic Drum – This highlighted how Bunting and BCMY had worked together with provisional tests at the Bunting European HQ;Bunting Magnetic Drum at BCMY
  3. Vulcanis Maximise Steel Can Recovery with a Bunting Cross Belt Overband Magnet – This focused on a new Used Beverage Can Recycling Plant in London (This article will feature in the news section on the website shortly);Bunting Cross Belt Magnet at Vulcanis
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