The Bunting Product of the Month for March

The Inline Magnet is one of the most versatile Magnetic Separators available.  There are 3 different models:

  1. Gravity Inline Magnets (GIM) – A Plate Magnet, positioned inside a fabricated tube, captures ferrous metal from gravity-flowing product;
  2. Pneumatic Inline Magnets (PIM) – Again a Plate Magnet is used, but the fabricated body is designed for use in pneumatically fed process lines;
  3. Centre Flow Inline Magnets (CFM) – The Plate Magnet is replaced by a Magnetic Cone positioned in the centre of the fabricated body;

In all cases, the Magnet supplied is either standard strength Ferrite or high powered Rare Earth Magnets.  The strength of Magnet is dictated by the type of ferrous metal that needs to be removed.

Bunting Magnetics In Line Magnet-24

Pros and Cons of the Inline Magnets

The versatility of the Inline Magnet means that it is used across a wide range of industries including Food Processing, Plastics, Recycling, Chemicals and Bulk Handling.  However, the Inline Magnet is not ideal for every metal separation application.

Pros of the Inline MagnetBunting Magnetics In Line Magnet-17

  1. There is limited restriction to the product flow, reducing the chance of any blockages;
  2. The deep magnetic field reaches right across the product flow to drag ferrous metal into the capture zone;
  3. The strong magnetic field ensures that any captured ferrous metal does not get knocked off by product flow;
  4. By opening a sealed side door, the Plate Magnet or Magnetic Cone can be easily cleaned of captured ferrous metal;
  5. Easy to install into existing process lines;


Cons of the Inline Magnet

  1. Only suitable for dry material processing.  For processing slurries and liquids, the Liquid Magnetic Trap is required;
  2. There is a limit to the distance between the Magnet face and opposite side of the fabricated body, otherwise metal may be missed.  The Magnetic Hump, with two Plate Magnets, is often used for larger apertures;

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