Overseas Exhibition Success at Exposolidos 2017

By buntingeurope | 21 February 2017

Distributor SMED Tecnica Hosts Bunting Europe

“This was our second successful overseas show of 2017,” reported Dave Hills, our Head of Sales.

Dave spent last week (14-16th February 2017) with our Spanish distributor SMED Tecnica at the Exposolidos show in Barcelona, Spain.

Bunting at Exposolidos 2017

Bunting on the stand of Spanish distributor SMED at Exposolidos 2017 in Barcelona

Exposolidos is an international exhibition for the technology and processing of solids.  Held in Spain every two years, the show provides the idea platform to meet companies from across Southern Europe and Northern Africa.

Bunting at Exposolidos 2017“Being able to show and demonstrate our Magnetic Separators is really important,” explained Dave.  “When a client is asked to pull a steel washer off a Tube Magnet and they find it impossible due to the intense magnetic strength, no additional explanation is needed.  It is a simple, physical demo that just proves that we have some of the strongest permanent Magnetic Separators available anywhere in the world.”

Magnetic Separators was one of several types of solids handling processing equipment on show on the SMED Tecnica stand.

Dave is really excited by the opportunities in Spain.

“Solids handling crosses across such a diverse number of industries, such as food, pharmaceuticals, ceramics and many more.  We knew that there were opportunities, but attending the show and being on the stand with Jordi [Castells] and his team really highlighted the potential.”

Being on the stand also provided an opportunity to provide training.

“Just talking through a metal contamination problem and discussing possible solutions is perfect training.  We have designs of Magnetic Separators to suit a wide range of applications and at the show we were able to discuss the pros and cons of each one.”

Developing export business is a core marketing objective for Bunting Europe in 2017.

“We have had several years of sustained growth in export sales.  However, to maintain such growth you need to be out in the market place, supporting distributors and speaking to the local customers.  With all the Brexit negativity, this has never been more important,” said Dave.

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Bunting at Exposolidos 2017

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