The new Shaker Magnetic Catch extends the range of magnetic catches sold by Bunting on their online sales outlet eMagnets UK.  The new Magnetic Catch enables quicker installation in Shaker-style kitchens, with only one screw providing secure fixing.

Shaker Magnetic Catch with Catchplates

The new Magnetic Catch is designed specifically for handmade in-frame doors for bespoke kitchen cabinets such as featured in Shaker designs.

The Shaker Magnetic Catch is 29mm long by 20mm deep and 15mm high and features a chrome finish with a hidden screw head.  Fixing requires only one No. 4 woodscrew and raised bosses on the mounting surface prevent any rotation even though only one screw is employed.  The magnetic strength of the catch generates a 5kg holding force.

Three different styles of catchplate are available for the Shaker Magnetic Catch including a new leather clad design that dampens down any noise from the closing of the catch.  The three catchplate types are:

  • Standard blank catchplate;
  • New catchplate with leather buffer;
  • New catchplate with a branded embossed leather buffer;
Logo embossed leather counterplate

The branded-embossed leather buffer allows a company’s logo or name to appear on the magnetic catch.  There is a one-off tooling charge for the embossing.

The new Shaker Magnetic Catches are available in packs of 25, 100, 250 or 500 to purchase online from:

The latest Shaker Magnetic Catches expands the extensive magnetic catch portfolio sold by Bunting through their eMagnets UK online sales outlet.  The range includes Elite, general purpose, clip-in, metal, knock-in, surface-mounted, metal-recessed, adjustable surface, touch, economy, and door stops.

Bunting design and manufacture a wide range of magnetic catches, magnets and magnetic assemblies.  For further information, please contact us via:

Phone:  +44 (0) 1442 875081


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