Metal Shards Contaminate Frozen Meat

By buntingeurope | 15 January 2015

Product Recall due to Metal ContaminationBunting in the USA report that consumers across the U.S. should check their refrigerators for recently recalled frozen meat products. A California company has been forced to recall frozen beef and pork products after a shard of metal wire was found in one of the products by an Illinois restaurant, the Honolulu Star Advertiser reported.

That single wire has forced the company to take back over 48,000 pounds of meat, and undoubtedly forced a painful financial loss. This type of issue is also completely avoidable. Food inspection that incorporates Metal Detection can eliminate metal shard contamination and protect consumers from the health risks caused by metal ingestion. It also prevents the sort of costly recalls and reputation damage that can cripple a food producer.

A tool to prevent injuries

There are several ways for metal fragments to end up in food, and these metal pieces are often difficult to see with the naked eye. Malfunctioning machinery can insert a metal powder into foods or bristles can break off metal brushes used to clean manufacturing equipment and find their way into food.

Food Quality and Safety points out that Metal Detection systems are useful because they save food producers the substantial amount of money that would be lost in sales and replacement costs during a recall. Accidental metal contamination is a well-known risk during food production. Metal detection ensures that this problem does not injure anyone.

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