Seeing Is Believing at UK Recycling Exhibition

Exhibiting at a show is all about showing off and demonstrations.  Showing off spanners and bolts hanging in mid-air under a Twin Pole Overband Magnet.  And demonstrating the separation of Stainless Steel and Printed Circuit Boards on a working High Intensity Separation Conveyor (HISC).

Bunting Magnetic Europe at RWM 2016

At RWM 2016 (UK recycling and waste exhibition held between 13-15th September 2016), we took full advantage of the opportunity to ‘show off’.  And it worked!

When we ran the HISC, visitors gathered around the machine questioning how it was possible for a Magnetic Separator to separate Stainless Steel.

“Is it a trick?” one visitor asked.

Just that one question illustrated that people remain skeptical about anything they read in the press or on websites.  Seeing is believing.  And we showed that it is possible to separate stainless steel and printed circuit boards.


The Metal Separator was also working on the stand.  The complete metal removal system comprises of a FF Drawer Magnet followed by a Metal Detector.  The Bunting Europe team poured metal contaminated plastic beads into the top of the Metal Separator and showed magnetic particles being captured on the Tube Magnets and non-ferrous metals being rejected by the Metal Detector.

Although not on the stand, there was a high level of interest in the Non-Ferrous Metal Eddy Current Separator.  The recent press coverage of the installation at Recapture Plastics in Kent had been seen by many visitors and they were keen to discuss new projects.

“Footfall at the show appeared to be lower than last year, but visitors were coming to the stand with specific metal separation requirements,” said Dave Hills, Bunting’s Head of Sales.  “Next week, we will be receiving samples to run at our test facility, especially for Stainless Steel separation on the HISC.  We have a busy month ahead!”

We wish to thank all those who visited our stand at RWM 2016 and will be in contact over the next couple of weeks.  Photographs of the Bunting equipment and stand can be seen in our Flickr gallery.

For further information on any metal separation issue, please contact the Bunting team on:

Bunting Magnetics Europe at RWM16

Bunting Magnetics Europe displaying Magnetic Separators at the UK recycling and waste exhibition RWM16 (Sept 13-15 2016)