Magnetic Separation and Metal Detection


Solutions for many applications across various industries including food, pharmaceutical, plastics, recycling, aggregate, quarrying powder and bulk industries and more...

Magnetic Separation and Metal Detection
Magnetic Separation and Metal Detection


As a provider of Total magnetic Solutions we have been supplying permanent and holding magnets into a wide range of industries for over 50 years.

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Magnetic Separation and Metal Detection


A world leader in the design and manufacture of permanent magnets, magnetisation and magnet assemblies.

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Magnetic Separation and Metal Detection


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Magnetic Separation and Metal Detection


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Industrial Magnets

With an exceptionally strong technical team and 50 years of experience, we understand magnets and their applications.

As we offer the full range of permanent magnet materials in all available grades we are able to assist our customers in choosing the right one for their application. We supply from stock sizes (next day through our e-magnets division), held at our warehouse in the UK or we supply custom magnets to a customer’s individual requirements. All our magnets are from audited, ISO accredited factories and our ISO9001 quality systems ensure we batch check all magnets for both their magnetic and physical properties. Our range of permanent magnets includes:


Neodymium Magnets are the strongest commercially available permanent magnets, also known as Neo, Neodymium Iron Boron, NdFeB or Sintered Neodymium. These rare earth magnets are manufactured in a wide range of shapes, sizes and grades. Generally plated with NiCuNi to protect from corrosion.


Plastic Bonded Neodymium Magnets, Bremag Magnets manufactured by Bunting Magnetics are an increasingly popular choice due their cost effective use of magnet material, high performance, low electrical conductivity and high tolerances. They can be multipole magnetised as a complete ring and can be designed to produce specific flux density profiles, especially suited to minimise cogging torque in motors for example.


Samarium Cobalt Magnets or SmCo Magnets are a rare earth magnet that offer strong performance t, they are not as powerful as the stronger Neodymium magnets, but start to outperform NdFeB magnets around 150 to 180C. Standard grades can be used in very high temperatures, typically up to 300C. They are a very stable magnet and are used in many applications, including military and aerospace applications.


Ferrite Magnets or sometimes referred to as Ceramic Magnets are often used in switches, speakers, holding magnets and electric motors and are popular due to their low cost, excellent resistance to corrosion and demagnetisation and can operate in temperatures up to 250Deg C. Tooling can be expensive for non-standard sizes, but the low product cost often outweighs this. Care must be taken when handling the product due its brittleness.


Alnico Magnets can be manufactured using a casting or sintering process and can be manufactured into very complex shapes and then ground to very tight tolerances. They are extremely resistant to heat and corrosion and can operate at temperatures up to 500C. While Alnico magnets have very high Br values, comparable with NdFeB and SmCo they are easily demagnetised by external fields. We can help advise how to minimise these issues.


Injection Moulded Magnets can be manufactured using a plastic compound loaded with either Ferrite or Neodymium depending on the magnet properties required. They are especially suitable for high volumes, complex shapes and when manufactured using Neodymium are suitable when very fine multipole magnetisation is required. They have high durability and resistance to shock. Injection moulded Ferrite is low cost, offers extreme resistance to corrosion and low density, but as they are anisotropic they can only be magnetised in a single direction. Neodymium Injection Moulded magnets are highly resistance to demagnetisation and as they are isotropic can be magnetised through any axis with multipole configurations.


Flexible Magnets tend to be manufactured in strip or sheet from and are often referred to as Magnetic Rubber. While most people think of fridge door seals and display products they can be magnetised with pole configurations suitable for sensor and motor applications. Our range includes self-adhesive strip, sheet and purpose made products for a wide range of applications.