Magnetising Equipment

  • Only Company to make Magnets as well as Magnetisers
  • Modular Design, Bespoke Solutions
  • 60 Years Experience

Our Magnetiser Range:

High Energy Industrial Range

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Best Suited for Industrial production environments…

  • Voltage Standards – 800V, 3000V and 5000V
  • Energies from 12.5kJ to 100kJ
  • Multiple fixture outputs
  • PLC can be interfaced with automatic handling and or safety systems
  • Optional custom designed control panel to suit production process
  • Optional Post Magnetisation Validation

Laboratory/Bench Top Magnetisers

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These units offer a high degree of flexibility. Ideal for use in laboratory or small-scale production environments.

  • Output Voltages 0 to 3000V
  • Peak Energy Output 4.5kj
  • Optional Quick Fixture Connect plugs
  • Optional Charger-Fixture Control Interface
  • Optional Post Magnetisation Validation

Machines for magnetising and setting permanent magnets

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  • Voltage Standards – 1000V
  • Energies from 100 - 200J
  • Optional inbuilt magnet flux density measurement
  • Sensor magnet calibration

Custom Built Magnetising Fixtures - Including Automation

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  • Multipole Surface Mounted Halbach Rotors - Post Assembly
  • IPM Machine Rotors + Skewing
  • Passive Magnetic Bearings - Internal and External
  • Bespoke Magnetic Field generation, including magnetic modelling.