Magnetic Force
  • Maximum separation effectiveness
  • Ceramic and High-Intensity Rare Earth available
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Maximum reach out, holding force and separation
  • No maintenance


Magnetic Separation Pulleys

Magnetic Pulleys

The Magnetic Separation Pulleys from Bunting are designed to be used instead of the usual head pulley, which is generally fitted at the end of the conveyor belt where the discharge of materials takes place.

Our magnetic pulleys are engineered to offer exceptional removal of ferrous contamination such as nails, spikes, nuts, bolts, tools, and wire from conveyors in a vast range of applications including: the paper, wood, plastic, steel, fire and municipal recycling industries. With maintenance free operation our tough Magnetic Separation Head Pulleys continuously remove and discharge tramp metal from the product flow for both product purification and materials separation.

Our leading edge magnetic designs are manufactured for maximum reach out, holding force and separation effectiveness and longevity.

With a range of standard sizes in our standard High Reach Ferrite or High Intensity Rare Earth Neodymium designs when separation is critical.

Magnetic Separation pulleys are very economical solution for ferrous removal as they can be used to replace the existing head pulleys to turn a material handling conveyor into a magnetic separation conveyor. Supplied with Taper Lock hubs as standard or with purpose made shafts to suit your exact specification our magnetic separation pulleys can be provided with the same shaft as your existing conveyor.

Magnetic Separation Pulleys are often used in conjunction with an Overband magnet when trying to separate deep or very dense burdens or to maximise product cleanliness.

Options include crowned face, flat faced and an assortment of rubber lagged covers to meet any requirement


Magnetic Separation Pulleys are used in a wide range of industries including:

  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Fire and Municipal recycling Industries
Magnetic Separation Pulleys


Bunting Magnetic Separation Pulleys can be installed in the two basic configurations as shown. The first (1) is using the Magnetic Pulley alone which works fine in most installations. The second (2) is used in conjunction with a Magnetic Take-off Rail which helps convey the ferrous tramp back from the end of the conveyor and farther away from the clean product stream. This works especially well on the smaller pulley diameters but is very effective on all sizes.

Magnetic Separation Pulley

Additional Info

Magnetic Separation Pulley

The magnetic separation pulleys from Bunting are designed to be used instead of the usual head pulley, which is generally fitted at the end of the conveyor belt where the discharge of materials takes place.

It's premise is simple, as the separation pulley is intended to provide continual extraction of ferrous metals. Switching the head pulley and replacing it with one of Bunting’s strong magnetic pulleys ensures that any metallic debris or contaminants (things like nuts, bolts and nails etc.) on the conveyor will continue to be attracted to the belt as it’s pulled around and then effectively released (at a different trajectory) to the remainder of the product flow. The end result is that ferrous metals can be gathered up separately, away from the main product material.

The beauty of magnetic separation pulleys is that they require little to no maintenance. Made from either ceramic or high-intensity rare earth magnets, they are designed specifically for maximum separation effectiveness, reach-out and holding force. If you want a complete ferrous metal separation process, we can recommend teaming up a magnetic pulley with a magnetic cross-belt separator, the latter of which will help to tackle even more densely conveyed materials.