Magnetic Force

Industrial Applications

Offering magnetics separation solutions for a wide range of applications and uses for a number of different industries, Bunting Magnetics can offer both bespoke packages and ‘off the shelf’ solutions.

This can be particularly useful for those seeking a speedy installation process. If you are not sure which option is best for your application, we have assembled a technical team that is vastly experienced and can guide you towards the absolute best magnetic separation solution, taking into account the relevant industry and market.

How does your industry view metal?

For some, such as the recycling industry, it is a hugely valuable commodity and crucial for business survival, while for others, such as food manufacturers, metal is simply seen as a contaminant that needs to be banished to make sure they can offer up a clean and contaminant free product. Bunting Magnetics has taken all of this on board and is able to offer a range of different magnetic separation equipment, all of which is tailored toward specific industries. Take our FF Series Drawer Magnets as an example – they have been designed specifically to cater to the plastics industry, where metal removal takes place at very high temperatures. For applications where temperature isn’t an issue, we have our range of HF Series Drawer Magnets.

Throughout its history, Bunting Magnetics has built a solid reputation based on high quality, innovation and reliability. Industry and indeed technology never stands still and businesses are always looking for the next improvement, the next solution, that will mean greater efficiency and ultimately of course, greater profit. Knowing that companies are seeking the best metal contamination removal possible, our technical team is always hard at work, keeping pace with the industry and introducing new products at the right times to the right industries. Reclaiming ferrous metals, preventing damage to equipment, reducing losses in production and increasing product quality, our goal is always to meet the needs of customers and their metal separation targets.

Although Bunting Magnetics supply a whole range of industries with metal separation and removal equipment, some of the most common industries are as follows: Plastics, Recycling, Food & Pharmaceutical, Quarrying industries and Powder and Bulk. The information that follows will help narrow down your search to a specific industry, where we will highlight information that is relevant for those industries and which magnetics separators are most applicable. If you can’t find the information you need, please feel free to contact the technical sales team at Bunting Magnetics, who will be able to guide you in the right direction.