Imports Rise, But What About UK Manufacturers?

By buntingeurope | 20 April 2016

Plastic Machinery Imports Strongest for 11 Years

PRW featured the PMMDA report stating that 643 injection moulding machines were imported into the UK in 2015, the strongest numbers since 2004.  This is really positive news for the UK plastics sector and an indication of strong investment.

However, is this just another indication of the demise of manufacturing in the UK?

Having a strong manufacturing sector is vital to the success of any economy and there are many successful and growing UK machinery manufacturers.  At Bunting Magnetics Europe, we manufacture magnetic separators that are sold into many different industry sectors including plastics.


If this increase in the purchase of equipment overseas is an indicator of sustained growth and investment in the plastics sector, are there opportunities for new UK manufacturing companies to emerge?  The competition is very stiff, especially when imported from low cost manufacturing regions and countries such as China, but there are advantages.

This year’s uncertainty about the EU and the reported steel dumping by China has made many people sit up and think that supporting local business and manufacturing may be the way forward.  Dependence on purchasing overseas introduces a number of additional uncontrollable risks (eg political, economic, etc).  There needs to be a will and desire to change from business and Government.

An expanding UK manufacturing sector would be fantastic, but are the hurdles too frightening to face at this present time?

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