How Will UK Growth Be Affected by the Eurozone?

By buntingeurope | 27 January 2015

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The latest newsletter from British Plastics & Rubber features an article entitled ‘Orders continue to grow for UK manufacturers, but the Eurozone could halt Export growth‘.  2014 proved to be the most successful on record for Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd, securing their highest ever valued order and reaching their highest annual sales total.  Even though projections for 2015 remain very positive, what can be done to address concerns about the potential effects of problems in the Eurozone?

It is impossible to ignore the doom and gloom of the online, printed and broadcast news and, as is usually the case, bad news often is reported in preference to good.  Also, the forthcoming UK general election is bound to have an effect on business confidence, especially when there is a high degree of uncertainty about who will form the next UK Government.  These are all external factors that a business cannot change.  At Bunting, we focus on what is within our control.

Looking Forward to 2015

2015 will be challenging, but so were 2014 and 2013.  Bunting intend to be creative, with both marketing and product, and dynamic to emulate and exceed the successes of 2014.

It would be interested to get feedback from other manufacturing businesses to see if they also feel positive about 2015.  If you wish to participate, please complete the poll.  The results (in percentages) will be available to review.

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