Exporting Is Key To Economic Development

By buntingeurope | 19 January 2015

As reported in Trading Economics, Exports in the United Kingdom decreased to 41,960 GBP Million in November 2014 from 42,137 GBP in October 2014.  This comes at a time when the UK Government is openly promoting and encouraging UK businesses to develop their exports.

As a UK manufacturer and exporter, Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd is focused on development business overseas.  To be successful, it is often necessary to be able to respond to customer’s needs as Bunting discovered when they secured an order from a large Italian engineering company for the supply of custom designed Plate Magnetic Separators for a project in Indonesia (as reported by British Exporters News).

Bunting Large Export Order for Plate Magnets-6

The ICAEW and UK Exports

In September 2014, the ICAEW openly discussed the issue under the title ‘UK Exports – what are the challenges‘, but often assistance and support is limited and success is very much dependent on a solid exporting strategy.

2014 proved to be very successful year for Bunting and developing exports is a primary objective for 2015.  Further information on Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd can be found on their website.

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