Magnetic Force

Magnet Applications

Bunting Sponsor 31st Ewing Event

UK Magnetics Society Presents ‘Potential Trends in Magnetics’ Bunting Magnetics has been announced as the headline sponsor of this year’s 31st Ewing Event (Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester, UK, 28th November 2018).  The annual event is organised by the UK Magnetics Society.  This year’s theme focuses on the future, assessing what magnet developments may…

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How Magnets Help Father Christmas

Delivering Presents Made Simpler With Magnets This year, Father Christmas has never faced a more difficult challenge to deliver presents to children around the world in one night.  Thankfully, his task is made so much easier by using Magnet technology.  Here are some of the examples: Magnets Help Reindeer Fly Eddy Current technology is what…

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Bunting Sponsoring Ewing Magnetics Event 2016

Magnetic Past, Present and Future Under Review at 30th Ewing Event On November 30th 2016, at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in London, the UK Magnetic Society are holding the 30th Ewing Event discussing magnets and magnetics. The Ewing event brings together the most knowledgeable magnetics experts in the UK and is sponsored by…

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Magnets Vital for Recycling

The words ‘Magnet’ and ‘Recycling’ might not appear to be related, but they are key in our drive towards environmental protection.  So how does that work? Permanent Magnets have been used to identify and recover ferrous metal for hundreds of years.  In the 3rd world, people in poverty still use magnets when they trawl through…

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