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Waste and recycling electrics

The launch of the European Union (EU)-funded SUSMAGPRO project took place in Germany in June 2019.  The four-year project focuses on the sustainable recovery, re-processing, and reuse of rare-earth magnets.  With global expertise on magnets and magnetic assemblies, Bunting is one of several project partners. “Rare-earth magnets are a key component in many frequently used…

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2018 Review of Magnet News and Blogs

News and Technical Articles on Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies in 2018 2018 has been another exciting year for eMagnets and Bunting Magnetics.  Magnetic technology has never been more important.  Advances in environmental technology such as electric vehicles and wind turbines would not be possible without the simple magnet.  Throughout the year we reviewed some really…

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Magnets Vital for Recycling

The words ‘Magnet’ and ‘Recycling’ might not appear to be related, but they are key in our drive towards environmental protection.  So how does that work? Permanent Magnets have been used to identify and recover ferrous metal for hundreds of years.  In the 3rd world, people in poverty still use magnets when they trawl through…

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