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Recycling In England Slowly Up To 44.2% – CIWM ’14

“Recycling In England Slowly Inches Up To 44,2%” (Article in CIWM December 2014 issue page 8). The article discusses the 2013 recycling rates in England and the increase by 0.1% on 2012. Initial indications show that rates in the first part of 2014 have increased to 44.5%. So how does England compare with their EU…

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Recycling Case Histories from 2014

In 2014, Case Histories, providing details of where and why Bunting Magnetic Separation equipment has been installed, were published in both UK and international press and featured in the news section of the Bunting Europe website.  Such articles helped increase the profile of Bunting and our customers and is set to continue in 2015.  We…

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Is It Easy To Recover Used Beverage Cans From Waste?

Used Beverage Cans (UBCs) are some of the easiest materials to recycle.  Today, many authorities dictate that beverage cans and a mix of other ‘recyclables’ are segregated at source by the consumer, but many still end up in the waste stream.  So, if they are so easy to recycle, then how easy is it to…

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5 Bad Places to Find Cartridge/Tube Magnetic Separators

One of the most simplest Magnetic Separators is a Cartridge or Tube Magnet.  It is basically a stainless steel tube filled with magnet slugs inter-spaced with steel discs which act as magnetic poles.  This then produces a magnetic field which attracts magnetically susceptible materials onto the surface of the tube where they are held. Such Cartridge…

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5 Metal Items Commonly Found In A Process Line

Frighteningly, metal contamination is commonly found is process lines around the world.  Whether the line is processing food, plastics, chemicals, minerals or any other processed product, metal will be present in some form.  It damages equipment, reduces product quality and can end up in the product purchased by the consumer.  So what types of metal…

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