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Magnetic Separator Myths

Highest Gauss Magnetic Separator is Not Always Strongest!

3rd of 10 Magnetic Separator Myths On a regular basis, we will receive an enquiry requesting a Magnetic Separator of a specific size.  However, it is only when the enquiry also requests a specific gauss figure that it all starts becoming a little complicated. Frequently, the gauss figure has been added with little understanding of the meaning…

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Are all Rare Earth Magnetic Separators the Same?

2nd of 10 Magnetic Separator Myths A client has a metal contamination problem and needs to install the most suitable magnetic separation.  The metal is small and so they believe that a Magnetic Separator with Rare Earth Magnets is what they need as this produces the strongest magnetic field.  So he picks up the phone…

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Should You Always Use the Strongest Magnet?

 1st of 10 Magnetic Separator Myths Strongest is always best, or is it?  Commonly, companies will call and request a quote for a Magnetic Separator with the strongest magnet.  But is that actually what they need? The strongest magnetic fields are produced by specialist Superconducting Magnets and are used in industrial and medical applications.  However,…

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