Bunting Secures Record Export Order for Magnetic Separators

By buntingeurope | 03 August 2016

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd has secured their largest single export order from a German processing plant designer and builder.  The record order is to manufacture and supply 63, high-strength, Rare Earth Plate Magnets, which will be installed in a tobacco manufacturing operation in Indonesia.

Bunting Plate Magnets

Plate Magnets designed and manufactured by Bunting Magnetics for use in a tobacco processing plant overseas

Plate Magnet & Tobacco Processing Plant

The Plate Magnets are used to remove metal from the shredded tobacco.  Metal enters the tobacco process at various points, including at source, with the raw material infeed, and during the slicing and cutting of the leaves.  The Plate Magnets attract and hold the magnetically susceptible particles, including abraded stainless steel.  This prevents damage to delicate processing equipment such as the cutting blades as well as maintaining the quality of the end product.

The recent order in June 2016 was for 63 Rare Earth Plate Magnets and followed an earlier order for 26 placed in February 2016.  Another large Export order for Plate Magnets was secured in 2015.

Two different models of Plate Magnet are being supplied, with 34 having a magnetic face width of 609mm and a 125mm deep magnetic field and 29 with a face width of 508mm projecting a 90mm deep magnetic field.

A Plate Magnet comprises of a stainless steel box or housing into which high strength Rare Earth blocks are positioned.  The type of Rare Earth block and configuration of the blocks within the housing dictate the shape, strength, and depth of the magnetic field.  A deep magnetic field was important in this application.

Head of Sales, Dave Hills, explained the importance of the order:

“Developing export business is vital for our continued growth in the UK.  This is our single largest order for Magnetic Separators on record and is the result of a prolonged focus on developing business overseas.  On this project we worked closely with the German client and had several meetings in Germany to understand their requirements before we proposed the best metal separation solution.  This is a very exciting development for Bunting Magnetics in Europe.”

The Plate Magnets will be manufactured and supplied in batches in specially designed transportation boxes and are due to be despatched between June and August 2016.

For further details on the Bunting range of Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors please contact our technical sales team on:

Bunting Plate Magnets

Plate Magnets designed and manufactured by Bunting Magnetics for use in a tobacco processing plant overseas

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