Bunting Metal Contamination Solutions at K2016

By buntingeurope | 26 September 2016

Magnetic Separators & Metal Detectors for Plastics Industry

Metal Separation Equipment will be displayed by Bunting Magnetics in Hall 10 on stand G16 at the International Plastics and Rubber trade fair, K 2016 (19th – 26th October 2016 Dusseldorf, Germany.

Bunting Drawer Magnet in a Plastics Operation

On stand G16 at K 2016, Bunting will be displaying a range of Metal Separation equipment including Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors specifically designed for the plastics and rubber industries.  Metal contamination is a common problem within the Plastics and Rubber industries, causing product defects and damaging processing equipment.  The type of metal can range from small fine metal to larger screws or nuts and bolts.  Effective removal is essential and achieved by using the right Metal Separation equipment installed in the correct location.

pulling-a-nut-off-a-bunting-plate-magnetBunting will be displaying a working Metal Separator (a combination of a Drawer Magnet Grate following by a Metal Detector) and Quicktron Metal Detector.  Also on the stand will be production-sized examples of FF Drawer Magnets, Plate Magnets and Tube Magnets where customers can experience the strength of the magnetic force by attempting to pull steel bolts off the surface.“On our stand at K 2016, we want to show visitors the effectiveness of our Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors in removing metal from the plastics and rubber production process,” explained Dave Hills, Bunting’s Head of Sales.

“When customers visit our stand we want to show them the separation capabilities of our equipment.  It is one thing to say a piece of ferrous or non-ferrous metal will be separated, but another to actually show it happening,” said Hills.

“We will be demonstrating the Metal Separator.  Metal contaminated plastic will be gravity fed into a feed hopper and immediately into a FF Drawer Magnet.  Here magnetic particles are captured before the remaining plastic falls into the Metal Detector which identifies and rejects any non-ferrous metals,” said Hills.  “Visitors will also be able to see Tube Magnets being passed over metal and the force in which it is attracted.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWdAqycEg14&w=560&h=315]

Hills is excited by the opportunities at the show.  “The K Show is the number one exhibition for the Plastics and Rubber industry in Europe and one of the premier events on the global calendar.  We [Bunting] have been helping the industry solve their metal contamination problems for decades.  Having a stand and demonstrating our Metal Separators is really important and we look forward to helping companies address the costly issue of metal contamination.”

At K, Bunting is also looking to meet potential marketing agents and distributors to join the expanding global representative network.  If this is of interest, please contact Dave Hills (dhills@buntingeurope.com) to arrange a meeting on the stand.

Further information on separating and removing metal with Magnetic Separators or Metal Detectors will be available in Hall 10 on stand G16 or by contacting us on:

Phone: +44 (0) 1442 875081

Email: sales.berkhamsted@buntingmagnetics.com

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