Bunting Europe Launches New Website

By buntingeurope | 08 February 2016

New Digital Marketing Platform for Bunting

Bunting Magnetics Europe has launched a new dynamic and responsive website for Magnet and Magnetic Solutions to reflect several years of growth and changes in the business.

New Bunting Europe Website

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd, the European arm of the global Bunting Magnetics Group, has a manufacturing facility in Berkhamsted, UK where they design, manufacture and supply a wide range of magnet and magnetic based solutions.

The new website www.buntingeurope.com will have three (3) distinct customer experience areas focusing on the wide-ranging products and services offered by the company including:

The new responsive website will provide information on products including descriptions, specifications and photographs as well as regular industry and product commentary via blogs.  A wide selection of Magnetic Equipment and Magnets will also be available for purchase online.

Simon Ayling, Bunting Europe’s Managing Director, explained the reasoning for the new website.

“The marketing landscape continues to evolve rapidly and the importance of digital marketing cannot be understated.  Companies need to be constantly reviewing their presence online, not only on their websites but also on social media platforms.  The new website has been designed to reflect those changes, becoming more informative and making it easier to use.  This is just the start and we already have plans to increase the amount of interaction on the site.  We also welcome feedback from all visitors.  This site has to work for them.”

For further information on any Magnetic Separator, Metal Detector, Magnet or Magnetic Assembly application, please contact our technical sales team on:

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