Attractive Magnet Photographs

By buntingeurope | 03 February 2015

Magnets Bunting Magnetics-3 Having the right images and photographs to market the wide range of Magnets, Magnetic Assemblies and Magnetic Separators designed and manufactured by Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd is always a challenge.  The photographic library is forever increasing with photographs taken during the manufacturing process and at site.  Changes in marketing methods, especially with the continued expansion of on-line marketing, mean that creative and imaginative photography is increasingly important.  Any social media marketing is far more likely to get engagement if supported with a relevant and interesting image.

Southern Manufacturing Exhibition

As part of the promotional campaign for the forthcoming Southern Manufacturing Exhibition in Farnborough on the 10th – 12th February, a range of photographs were commissioned.  The brief was to focus on the extensive manufacturing capabilities, especially focusing on Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies. The complete manufacturing process was reviewed, with photographs taken capturing the engineering team during the design process, through manufacture and onto final assembly.  The aim was to emphasize that there is more to magnets that being on the front of fridges or being seen as the classic Horseshoe Magnet.  There is a great deal of science in the design and production.  Also, many people are unaware that they are using devices where magnets are a key component in their operation including laptop computers and Smart phones.  The symmetry and precision of the final magnet and magnetic assemblies proved ideal for the photographs, which have now been used on a range of social media and in on-line press.

Magnets, Bunting

The Magnetic Separation product range focused on some of the smaller ferrous metal separation systems such as the FF Drawer Magnet which captures ferrous metal contamination present in free-flowing products.  All Magnetic Separators have been designed using Bunting’s extensive knowledge of magnetism and magnetic circuitry.

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd, part of the Bunting Magnetics Co group,  is a leading global designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of magnetic technology.  All the photographs were taken by Paul Fears Photography.

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