Are British Exporters Feeling Positive?

By buntingeurope | 05 March 2015

Bunting at Interplas 2014-1573A report published online by states that UK exports to Europe are picking up.  These are positive signs against a backdrop of economic uncertainty in Europe, but is it too soon to start opening the champagne?

UK Exports

Exporting goods manufactured in the UK has been long promoted by the UK Government as being vitally important to boost the UK economy.  The amount of assistance provided and support for manufacturing in general is a very debatable subject, with strong opinions on all sides, but there is no doubt that increased support would help drive up UK exports.

The latest figures suggest that the EuroZone is picking up and UK Exporters are starting to ride on that new wave of confidence, but how fragile is it?  Recently, we [Bunting] attended a solids handling show in Barcelona in Spain called ExpoSolidos and were only one of two UK companies present (the other was Russell Finex).  Sadly, this is typical of many overseas exhibitions with a distinct lack of presence by UK manufacturers.  Feedback from the show indicated that the Spanish market remains challenging and, although people wanted to be confident, they remained cautious.  This highlighted that concerns still exist in the EuroZone, especially with the ongoing trials and tribulations with Greece.  The economy appears to be balanced like a spinning plate on a pointed stick.

So how do Exporters plan when the situation remains uncertain?  At Bunting, we have taken a pragmatic and positive approach and will be attending a number of exhibitions in 2015.  But do other UK Exporters feel positive enough to invest time and money in such direct marketing activities?  Your feedback would be appreciated.

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