All Press Coverage is Good! Is it?

By buntingeurope | 11 November 2014

Photos of Simon Ayling and Carlton Hicks in Hub Issue 31 Oct 14001I believe that it came from celebrities that any press coverage was good, irrespective of whether it was good or bad news.  Being in the news is important as that invariably means that you are being talked about, but is it always a good thing?  In today’s news hungry world, you have to be careful not to just issue anything on the basis that something is better than nothing.  Content, whether online or in print, needs planning and good execution to get the best coverage and also to project the right company image and message.

Buntings Apperance in The RWM2014 Photo Diary

The appearance of the Bunting duo, Carlton Hicks (UK Sales Manager) and Simon Ayling (Managing Director) in the RWM2014 photo diary from the HUB (Issue 31 – Autumn 2014) was a little surprising (can you spot them?), but shows how our continued efforts to increase the company profile is starting to show some results.  Recently there have been features on Bunting in a wide range of online and printed press, especially focusing on some of the detailed case histories.  As Bunting Magnetics Europe continue growing their Magnetic Separation business, there will be an increasing number of case histories, press releases and blogs posted.

So, to answer the question: Is all press coverage good?  Maybe not, but carefully managed good interesting content has never been more important when marketing a business.

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