5 Unusual Items Recovered Using Magnetic Separators

By buntingeurope | 22 September 2016

What Gets Recovered by a Magnet?

Having worked in the recycling industry for over 30 years, it never ceases to amaze me what is recovered from secondary materials and waste.  Here are 5 unusual items:

  1. Spanish peseta coins – Out of date and, more oddly, recovered from metal that had passed through a car shredding operation in the UK. One coin dated back to 1937!
  2. Wedding rings – A frightening number of wedding rings get recovered from material like incineration ash by Eddy Current Separators. But the real question is how did the wedding ring end up in the waste?  Was it lost or thrown away?
  3. Cast iron engines – By this we mean the whole engine.  To increase the weight, engine blocks are found inserted into the centre of bales of Aluminium Beverage Cans.  The significant weight difference is a give away, but if the bale does get through it can cause serious damage to the primary shredder;
  4. Mobile Phones – Not so unusual you may think, until it started ringing as it got lifted up off the conveyor by the Overband Cross Belt Magnetic Separator;old-mobile-phones-2
  5. A Trophy – But not just any old trophy, a large silver plated cup for a Sunday league football competition in the North East. Discarded by accident or in disgust?

All the items listed were recovered using either:

For ferrous magnetic metals:

For non-ferrous, non-magnetic metals:

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