5 Metal Items Commonly Found In A Process Line

By buntingeurope | 20 August 2014

Frighteningly, metal contamination is commonly found is process lines around the world.  Whether the line is processing food, plastics, chemicals, minerals or any other processed product, metal will be present in some form.  It damages equipment, reduces product quality and can end up in the product purchased by the consumer.  So what types of metal are commonly found in process lines?

Metal Captured By Bunting Magnetic Separators:

  1. Nails – The common nail is often found strongly and safely attached to a magnet.  Often they are imbedded the original in feed material and are not seen;
  2. Screwdrivers – Process plants need maintenance and items such as screwdrivers can be dropped into a silo and, thankfully, then end up stuck to a magnet;
  3. Abraded stainless steel – Most process plants are made from stainless steel and over time the plant wears.  As the plant wears, fine stainless steel ends up in the processed material.  So how do magnets capture non-magnetic stainless steel?  Simple chemistry.  When the stainless steel is abraded, it becomes weakly magnetics and so if you have a strong enough magnet it can be captured;
  4. Bolts and screws – Often from plant within the process, where they have become loose, but thankfully a magnet or a metal detector can capture these before they damage delicate processing equipment;
  5. Mobile phones – An extreme, but not unusual item found in process lines.  People should just stop carrying mobiles in their top pockets;

For more information on the types of equipment that is used to capture rogue metal, please click here.

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