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Getting Metal Out of Chocolate

Magnetic Separators & Metal Detectors in Chocolate Production Line Chocolate is made from the exceptionally hard cocoa bean and this means that metal gets introduced into the process, especially from equipment wear.  However, a series of carefully selected and placed Metal Detectors and Magnetic Separators will remove any metal from the process before it becomes…

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Where are Magnets in Kitchens?

Magnets are used everywhere!  In fact, magnets are a little like rats as you are probably never more than 5m away from one! A normal kitchen is full of magnets.  There are the obvious applications where Magnets are used to stick messages on the door of the fridge and dishwasher, and then there are the…

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The Misconception of Eddy Current Rotor Speed

1st of 5 Misconceptions About Eddy Current Separation Eddy Current Separators are used extensively throughout the recycling industry to separate non-ferrous metal (e.g. aluminium beverage cans, shredded aluminium and copper etc) from non-metallic materials.  One of the first Eddy Current Separators was built by the Bird Group in the UK in 1981 and the separation…

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How True are Magneto’s Magnetic Powers?

Magneto is the arch enemy of the X Men, as portrayed in the Marvel comics and in the series of blockbuster movies.  The arch villain’s powers focus on his ability to generate and control magnetic fields.   But how true is this? Controlling magnetic fields and magnetism is notoriously difficult.  Unlike radiation, you cannot put…

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Bunting Exhibiting at Waste 16

This year, Bunting Europe is a headline sponsor of the WASTE ’16 exhibition (Thursday 9th June 2016 AJ Bell Stadium, Salford, Manchester, UK) and will be on stand A79.  Now in its third year, WASTE ‘16, the Waste and Skip Trade Exhibition, is the North’s premier waste management event. A key aspect of successfully managing…

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Is UK Manufacturing Really in Recession?

The BBC has reported that UK manufacturing has returned to recession for the 3rd time in 8 years.  This frightening statistic illustrates the challenges facing the manufacturing industry in the UK, with manufacturing output for the first quarter of 2016 being 1.9% lower than the same quarter in 2015. However, there is some positive news,…

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Export Order for 12 Custom Plate Magnets

Removing Metal From Shredded Tobacco Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd has designed, manufactured and shipped 12 large and custom designed Self-Clean Plate Magnets to a customer in Italy for an export project in Indonesia.  The export order was valued at over £50,000 and was the result of close cooperation between the Bunting Europe engineering team based…

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The Myths and Magic of the Magnet

This e-Magnets UK blogging site is designed to provide anyone interested in magnets and magnetism information on the myths and magic of one of the most fundamental physical forces in the universe. The Greeks were probably the first people to discover magnetic properties in a naturally occurring mineral called magnetite (lodestone or iron oxide).  There is…

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Getting Metal Out of Grain and Cereals

Grain Processing Plant

Perfect Grain Milling Processing Plant A Guide to the Ideal Location for Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors in a Grain and Cereal Processing Plant By the time grain and cereals have been collected and delivered to a Milling Plant, it is highly likely that there is metal contamination present.  Removing that metal to prevent damage to…

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