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Archive for March 2016

Getting Metal Out of Pet Food

Metal Contamination

Magnetic Separators & Metal Detectors in Pet Food Plant Ensuring Pet Food is metal free before it reaches the consumer is critical.  However, reports of foods being recalled due to metal contamination occur several times each year [Sainsbury warns of Metal in Bread, Jan 2016].  To assist processors and producers, Bunting has developed a series…

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A View of the South African Plastics Industry

Dave Hills Reports on his return from the ProPak Exhibition Before getting on the plane, I was really unsure of what to expect at the ProPak 2016 exhibition that was being held in Johannesburg in South Africa.  We had recently teamed up with local company Eder Design to develop business for Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors…

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Is Household Waste Recycling Economically Sustainable?

Councils Losing Income – Price of Recycled Materials Falls The slowdown in the global economy is impacting the viability of many recycling operations, reports the BBC.  Local authorities have seen falls in steel prices of 88% and a halving in the price of waste plastic. The fall in the price of recycled materials comes at…

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Expanding Bunting into South Africa with Eder Design

  Export Business Development in the African Plastics Sector Eder Design in South Africa has joined the expanding Bunting distributor network and is presently exhibiting Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors at a major packaging, processing and plastics exhibition called PROPAK Africa 2016 being held in Johannesburg between 15th and 18th March. Dave Hills, Bunting Europe’s…

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Where are Metal Separators Positioned in a Plastics Plant?

Perfect Plastics plant

A Guide to The ideal location for Magnetic Separators, Magnets and Metal Detectors Determining the best location to remove metal in a Plastics Processing plant can be difficult.  To assist plastics engineers, Bunting has released a series of Typical Plant Flowsheets showing ideal locations for metal separators.  This blog focuses on the locations, designs and…

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AJ Solutions Working with Bunting in Belgium

Magnetic Separation & Metal Detection, AJ Solutions Bunting Europe’s Head of Sales, Dave Hills, is in Belgium with local distributor AJ Solutions for their 10th anniversary open days.  AJ Solutions has been working with Bunting since 2012, promoting metal separation equipment used in the plastics sector.   Dave Hills is excited by the opportunity.  “We…

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