Magnetic Force

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Explaining Magnetic Separation through Video

Demonstrating Metal Separation Explaining the concept of Magnetic Separation through words alone can often be challenging.  The basic physics are simple.  A magnetic field attracts magnetically susceptible particles.  This then enables them to be separated from materials unaffected by a magnetic forces. This magnetic separation technology is applied in industries as diverse as recycling to the…

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Is only a 7% growth in China cause for concern?

When the world’s second largest economy sets its GDP growth for 2015 at 7%, the lowest in a quarter of a century (as reported by PRW), does this cause us cause for concern?  Part of the issue is that exports from China missed their target for the third year running, although there was still a 4.9%…

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Are British Exporters Feeling Positive?

A report published online by states that UK exports to Europe are picking up.  These are positive signs against a backdrop of economic uncertainty in Europe, but is it too soon to start opening the champagne? UK Exports Exporting goods manufactured in the UK has been long promoted by the UK Government as being…

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