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Archive for February 2015

Will the UK be left in the next Industrial Revolution?

In the latest Plastics & Rubber Weekly, there is an interesting and concerning article on an anticipated fourth industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, and how the EEF believe that the UK could be left behind.  If this happens then could this be the end of manufacturing in the UK? UK Manafacturing Industry Manufacturing in…

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Was Exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing 2015 a Success?

Southern Manufacturing Exhibition 2015 The exhibition closes and the weary exhibitors pack up their stands and disappear away into the night.  Many have spent all 3 days on their feet greeting customers and talking with prospects whilst drinking far too much coffee and eating all the wrong foods.  Anyone who has not manned an exhibition…

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How do we get young people interested in manufacturing?

UK Manufacturing & Engineering Industry Sadly, manufacturing and engineering in the UK is not regarded as being ‘sexy’ or ‘exciting’ by young people at school and, as a result, many do not even consider a career in the sector.  The media tends to be full of news regarding the service sectors and manufacturing only tends…

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Why are Global Plastics Recycling Rates Falling?

Research from Worldwatch Institute featured online by PRW.com reported that plastics recycling rates are falling despite a growth in production.  Political parties from across the world and especially in Western Europe continually advocate the importance of environmental policy and the need to reclaim, recycle and reuse.  However, this rhetoric is often without substance or knowledge. So…

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Do Exhibitions Work Anymore?

Next week we are exhibiting for the first time in 2015 at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show in FIVE, Farnborough, UK (10th – 12th February stand T61).  As with all exhibitions, there is a great deal of pre-show preparation and work involved that is often not even taking into consideration when assessing the cost,…

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Attractive Magnet Photographs

Having the right images and photographs to market the wide range of Magnets, Magnetic Assemblies and Magnetic Separators designed and manufactured by Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd is always a challenge.  The photographic library is forever increasing with photographs taken during the manufacturing process and at site.  Changes in marketing methods, especially with the continued expansion of…

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