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The Benefits of using a Laser Cutter

There is nothing more exciting than taking sheets of metal and different components such as magnets and assembling them into a working machine.  The whole process leading up to the point where the customer presses a button that starts up the machine is magical.  If more young people saw and experienced this process, then it…

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How Will UK Growth Be Affected by the Eurozone?

The latest newsletter from British Plastics & Rubber features an article entitled ‘Orders continue to grow for UK manufacturers, but the Eurozone could halt Export growth‘.  2014 proved to be the most successful on record for Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd, securing their highest ever valued order and reaching their highest annual sales total.  Even though projections…

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Exporting Is Key To Economic Development

As reported in Trading Economics, Exports in the United Kingdom decreased to 41,960 GBP Million in November 2014 from 42,137 GBP in October 2014.  This comes at a time when the UK Government is openly promoting and encouraging UK businesses to develop their exports. As a UK manufacturer and exporter, Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd is…

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Metal Shards Contaminate Frozen Meat

Bunting in the USA report that consumers across the U.S. should check their refrigerators for recently recalled frozen meat products. A California company has been forced to recall frozen beef and pork products after a shard of metal wire was found in one of the products by an Illinois restaurant, the Honolulu Star Advertiser reported. That…

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Recycling In England Slowly Up To 44.2% – CIWM ’14

“Recycling In England Slowly Inches Up To 44,2%” (Article in CIWM December 2014 issue page 8). The article discusses the 2013 recycling rates in England and the increase by 0.1% on 2012. Initial indications show that rates in the first part of 2014 have increased to 44.5%. So how does England compare with their EU…

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Recycling Case Histories from 2014

In 2014, Case Histories, providing details of where and why Bunting Magnetic Separation equipment has been installed, were published in both UK and international press and featured in the news section of the Bunting Europe website.  Such articles helped increase the profile of Bunting and our customers and is set to continue in 2015.  We…

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