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5 Examples of Historical Recycling

Despite the modern day obsession with recycling and environmental issues, such activity has been common practice for most of human history.  We look back at five examples of historical recycling success. 5 examples of historical recycling Archaeological studies of ancient waste dumps show that during periods when resources were scarce there was less household waste…

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5 Bad Places to Find Cartridge/Tube Magnetic Separators

One of the most simplest Magnetic Separators is a Cartridge or Tube Magnet.  It is basically a stainless steel tube filled with magnet slugs inter-spaced with steel discs which act as magnetic poles.  This then produces a magnetic field which attracts magnetically susceptible materials onto the surface of the tube where they are held. Such Cartridge…

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All Press Coverage is Good! Is it?

I believe that it came from celebrities that any press coverage was good, irrespective of whether it was good or bad news.  Being in the news is important as that invariably means that you are being talked about, but is it always a good thing?  In today’s news hungry world, you have to be careful…

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