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5 Metal Items Commonly Found In A Process Line

Frighteningly, metal contamination is commonly found is process lines around the world.  Whether the line is processing food, plastics, chemicals, minerals or any other processed product, metal will be present in some form.  It damages equipment, reduces product quality and can end up in the product purchased by the consumer.  So what types of metal…

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Who said UK Manufacturing is Dead?

UK Manufacturing & Engineering There appears to be a constant feeling of gloom around UK manufacturing and engineering, mainly fuelled by the media.  However, in Berkhamsted is a company who manufactures in the UK and who continues to expand at a rapid rate of knots.  Recently, they had a series of photographs taken in their…

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Measure the Strength of a Magnet in Elephants?

It is a tough question and one that causes users and potential purchasers of magnetic separators a great deal of heartache.  All you want to do is pull steel cans out of waste being carried on a conveyor. So why is it so complicated? Suppliers of Magnetic Separators, such as Overband/Cross Belt/Suspended Magnets, can sometimes…

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The Magnet Picks Up That?!? New Video

The Performance Of Overband & Suspended Magnets The Overband or Suspended Magnet is one of the most common magnetic separators used in the world. However, the performance varies enormously.  When assessing the performance there are simple tests that can be conducted.  The video shows a classic test, with a Bunting Overband Cross Belt Magnet suspended…

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