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As a provider of Total Magnetic Solutions we have been supplying permanent and holding magnets into a wide range of industries for over 50 years.

We have continued to build our knowledge and expertise during this time and offer a complete range of permanent magnets, a very large range of holding magnets and design and manufacture dedicated magnetising fixtures and magnetising chargers for our own and customers use. As a manufacturer of magnets we truly understand them and can offer advice and design services to help customers optimise their systems and choose the right magnet for the job. As well as holding many millions of magnets in stock, we manufacture and supply magnets to our customer’s requirements which we can hold stock for call off.

Our magnets are used in a vast range of industries from automotive to aerospace, from consumer electronics to university laboratories and are used in a huge huge range of products including motors, pumps, sensors and furniture.

Our range of holding magnets includes the most comprehensive range of magnetic catches in Europe, pot magnets for normal and high temperature applications, a range of holding forces and we supply a complete range of switchable and welding magnets for manufacturers.

Our expertise in magnetising equipment means we can supply a standard system or one tailored to a specific application. Our expertise has helped companies reduce costs by being able to magnetise their products after assembly. We also offer a full range of magnet measuring equipment.

Please feel free to contact us for any advice or to discuss your requirements.


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