Overband Magnets

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd offer a range of Magnetic Overband Separation Conveyors manufactured in the UK to the very highest standards offering world class performance along with cost effective separation solutions. Our Overband Separation Conveyors are used extensively throughout the recycling industry in the UK and beyond.

Exceptional Metal Removal Performance

The Bunting Magnetics Cross Belt Separator range of Twin Pole Overband Magnets offers.

  • 450mm Reach available in both our Standard and Stainless Steel bodied units
  • Neodymium High Intensity units designed for E Scrap Ferrous Metal Separation
  • Twin Pole Design to ensure maximum magnetic performance and aid belt life
  • Designed to last, with high quality construction and components, world class magnetic performance and fit for purpose
  • Optional End Guards, Chutes, Support Frames and configurable mounting points are available

The Twin Pole design is very effective at removing ferrous metal and the unique magnetic design means that metal is attracted to the belt in a way that minimises belt damage, therefore minimising maintenance and down time. Bunting Magnetics Europe designs and manufactures its Overband Magnets at its Word Class Facility in the UK, using in-house: CAD, CNC and Fabrication Equipment. This ensures that Bunting Magnetics Cross Belt Separators are the most respected in the industry in terms of separation performance and durability. Common size units are typically ex-stock.

Twin Pole, High Power
Crossbelt Conveyors

Twin Pole, High Power Crossbelt Conveyors

  • High Performance
  • Cost Effective Separation


Model No.
CBSV60-80 600 745 805 1532
CBSV60-100 600 948 805 1734
CBSV60-120 600 1238 805 2000
CBSV75-80 750 940 960 1700
CBSV75-100 750 1250 960 2000
CBSV75-100 750 1250 960 2000

Overband Magnet Diagram

Stainless Steel
Crossbelt Conveyors

  • Extreme Heavy Duty Stainless Steel construction
  • Suitable for extreme weather conditions
  • Heavy Duty Belt Guides reducing wear and damage to Belt
Magnet Belt Width Magnet Length Conveyor Overall Length Model Number
16” 18” 38” CBS-16-18
16” 24” 44” CBS-16-24
16” 30” 50” CBS-16-30
16” 36” 56” CBS-16-36
24” 24” 56” CBS-24-24
24” 30” 62” CBS-24-30
24” 36” 68” CBS-24-36
24” 42” 74” CBS-24-42
24” 48” 80” CBS-24-48
30” 30” 62” CBS-30-30
30” 36” 68” CBS-30-36
30” 42” 74” CBS-30-42
30” 48” 80” CBS-30-48
30” 54” 86” CBS-30-54
36” 36” 68” CBS-36-36
36” 42” 74” CBS-36-42
36” 48” 80” CBS-36-48
36” 54” 86” CBS-36-54
36” 60” 92” CBS-36-60


  • Municipal Waste
  • Automotive and Domestic Goods Recycling
  • E Scrap Recycling
  • Tyre Recycling
  • Plastic and Wood Recycling
  • Bespoke Metal Separation Systems manufactured by Bunting Magnetics
  • Bunting provides the ultimate in self-cleaning over band magnet technology




Case Studies

Bespoke Magnetic Separation Solution from Bunting for HPR Stoke

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd has worked closely with HPR Stoke to provide a bespoke magnetic separation solution for their metal separation requirement. From their operation in Stoke-on-Trent, HPR specialise in creating high quality plastic feedstock materials, by sorting comingled commercial, industrial and post- consumer waste into separated polymer streams of high purity. Recycled plastics are available from HPR in a variety of formats, including bales, shred, regrind, agglomerate and compound.

Download Full Press Release

Vulcanis Maximise Steel Can Recovery with a Bunting Cross Belt Overband Magnet

Vulcanis has designed and built a new recycling plant to receive and recover steel and aluminium cans in Barking, UK, and purchased a Cross Belt Overband Magnet for steel can recovery from Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd.

Download Full Press Release

Magnetic Conveyor Separators, Cross Belt Separators or Suspended / Suspension Magnets

Overband Magnets from Bunting are sometimes also referred to as either Magnetic Conveyor Separators, Cross Belt Separators or Suspended / Suspension Magnets. The word ‘suspended’ perhaps provides the biggest clue as to their function within an application.

Specifically designed to be suspended over a conveyor belt and continuously collect and separate ferrous metals from non-ferrous metals as well as other materials that are non-magnetic. Removing the ferrous metals at this stage of the process, helps to preserve and protect equipment somewhere further down the production line. Although they can be used in other industries, they are most commonly found operating in businesses related to quarrying or aggregates.

Overband magnets feature a powerful magnetic block. A conveyor belt on two pulleys then rotates around this magnetic block which allows metal to be collected up and off the conveyor belt underneath and then dispersed elsewhere, away from the main product flow. The end result is continuous metal separation at low maintenance. To protect the conveyor belt from tearing as any tramp metal passes along its length, there are UHMW (ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene) wings extending over the edge of the belt. This also ensures that materials don’t get caught up and trapped under the belt.

Installation of overband or suspended magnetics can be installed in a couple of different ways. The first option is to mount them in line with, but at the discharge end of the conveyor belt. Depending on the application and product line, they can also be mounted across the belt. If you are looking for something that will work with things like mobile crushers or wood and debris crushing machinery, then there is also a lightweight model available and is ideal for these applications.

The kind of overband magnet required will be very much determined by the type of product that needs to be conveyed and will take into consideration things like suspension height and burden height. Suspended magnets can also be combined with other magnetic separators to enhance the separation process even further – you could also use an eddy current separator. Please contact us if you need more information about any of the magnetic separation solutions that might be suitable for your industry.


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