Magnetic Separation & Metal Detection

Bunting Magnetics offer Magnetics Separation and Detection solutions for many applications across various industries.

Magnetic Separation & Metal Detection

Where there is a need for metal to be removed Bunting can offer a customised solution built specific for your application or an off the shelf solution where fast installation is required. Our technical team are experienced in a variety of markets and can provide technical advice on how to choose the best magnetic separation solution for your application.

Depending on the industry metal can be seen as a contamination or a commodity. One of the biggest problems in the food industry is metal contamination, leading to food manufacturers going the extra mile to ensure their product is clean. On the other side of the scale, you have the recycling industry where metal means money to recyclers. With this in mind Bunting has various different models of Magnetic Separation equipment available optimised for the specific industries they are marketed for. A good example of this is our FF Series Drawer Magnets. Realising that the Plastics industry operates at such high temperatures, Bunting design and manufacture this range for efficient metal removal at high temperatures whilst still offering our HF Series Drawer Magnets where temperature isn't a problem.

Bunting Magnetics has established a reputation of quality, reliability and innovation. Knowing that industries are constantly looking for a better solution for their metal contamination removal and separation, drives us to introduce new products to the industries we serve. Whether it's to reclaim ferrous metal, increase product purity, prevent damage to equipment, or reduce production losses, our aim is to help you reach your metal separation goals by supplying high quality Magnetic Separation Solutions specific to your application.

Bunting Magnetics supply Metal Separation and Removal equipment to all industries with the most common being Food & Pharmaceutical, Powder and Bulk, Plastics, Recycling, Aggregate and Quarrying industries. In the following pages you find specific industry information with details on the most effective Magnetics Separators used in your industry. If there is any extra information you require please contact Bunting Magnetics experienced technical sales team who will be happy to give you their recommendations.


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