Magnetic Assemblies

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of bespoke precision magnetic assemblies and magnetisation equipment.

Magnetic Assemblies

We supply to all areas of industry, including aerospace, oil and gas, automotive and medical. Our capability for precision magnetic assembly includes large scale static systems up to 1m square and small dynamically balanced, high speed rotary systems. Produced in our dedicated assembly cells these systems are developed with the customer from the earliest possible stage to ensure they are designed for optimal manufacturing processes.

Our services include design for manufacturing, 3D FEA modelling from concept and design optimisation, magnet manufacturing and magnetisation, which enables us to offer a Total Magnetics Solution.

This coupled with our passion for magnets, excellent customer service, ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation, make Bunting Magnetics Europe an excellent long term partner to work with on your future magnetic requirements. We also have the benefits of an unrivalled supply chain allowing us to supply high quality and low to high volume magnets assemblies utilising all grades of permanent magnets.

Our Capabilities:

Value Engineering and Design
We offer a full service to assist in reducing costs and improving the performance of your products as well as design optimisation using the skills of our staff with the latest 3D finite element modelling software.

Technical Magnetic Assemblies
Using our in house machining facilities we are able to produce complex one off design studies to production of parts.  Acting as a sub contract assembler, we can utilise our in house machining and assembly skills to reduce the overall cost of assemblies. This includes Rapid Prototyping, proof of concept and design validation for first off parts.

Magnetisation Equipment
We design and build magnetising chargers and fixtures enabling us to provide total ownership of magnet supply. We often magnetise post assembly to further reduce the costs and due to our in house ability we are able to do this for low volume production in an economic way.






Design For Manufacture

Magnetic Assembly Design For Manufacture

From the start of the design process our dedicated engineering team will work with you to understand the end application of the project so that they can work as effectively as possible towards a shared goal. Working with your design and engineering team we can support them on;

  • Magnetic material choices, when and where to use SmCo over Neo and other magnetic materials.
  • Material analysis, from the hard to find magnetic properties of steels to the hystersis curves of the magnet.
  • Bonding agents; thin single part acrylics to gap filling epoxies to high temperature adhesives.
  • Design for repeatability, ease of assembly or post assembly magnetisation
  • Post assembly machining
  • And in the case of rotary systems, magnet retention and dynamic balancing.

Application Driven

From the moment that we receive your enquiry, it is important to Bunting Magnetics that are able to effectively communicate the application throughout the business from shop floor to MD. We believe that this integrated approach helps to develop a better level of performance.

A selection of Industries and Applications we service:

  • Aerospace

Motors / Actuators / Flight Surface Control / Fuel Pumping Systems.

  • Electronics

Sensors / Shielding / Assembly Aids

  • Military

Sensors / Missile Flight Surface Control / Flight Suit Cooling / Jet Reversible Air Turbine

  • Medical

Small Scale Bespoke MRI

  • Oil Gas

Debris Capture / Down Hole Pumping / Artificial Lift


Magnetic Assembly

Magnetic materials are perhaps best known for their electromagnetic properties but the single biggest factor that affects their use is the low tensile strength of these sintered materials which results in a highly brittle material. The fully saturated magnet is constantly trying to return to a zero energy state but is physically prevented from doing so by the sintering process which locks the magnetic platelets together. With this in mind we work with our customers to develop a design that can be manufactured post assembly so that the risk of damage to people or components is minimised.

With in-house design and development of the magnetising fixtures this is a cost effective low and high volume solution. For one offs and prototypes we have developed bespoke assembly tooling to control the positioning of a magnet relative to a reference point to a high degree of accuracy. This also reduces risk of damage to people or equipment.

Post Assembly Operations

Our goal is to provide a bespoke magnetic assembly that can be easily and safely integrated into your down stream assembly. We can support a wide number of post assembly operations, including;

  • Magnetic Tuning
  • CNC Machining
  • CNC Grinding - Rotary or Flat Bed
  • Magnet Retention using metallic or composite carbon fibre systems
  • Dynamic balancing.

Hoop Stress Calculator

This calculator enables the used to approximate the hoop stress that would be induced by the magnets in a magnetic assembly when spinning at medium to high velocity, such that a retaining structure is required. If your magnet structure is not a perfect ring please approximate your internal diamater. We can help to validate your design and we can work with you to optimse the wall thickness of a retaining structure to minimse your air gap and improve your machine performance. Materials for the retainment can include, Ti, Inconel, CF, Stainless etc. Please contact us for more information.







Material is 8g/cm^3 and is half way between SmCo and Neo
Magnet is a complete ring with an equivalent mass and the centre of gravity is at 2/3rds the radial distance
The magnet is the only component of radial stress, i.e the rotor hub does not "move"

Need Help?

Looking for some advice or help?

Our highly qualified sales engineering team are here to answer any questions you may have about how Bunting Magnetics can help with your project. We are always interested in working on new projects so please use your preferred method of contact to get in touch.

Please use the following link to contact our sales team

Alternatively if your enquiry is of a more technical or specialised nature please feel free to contact our Magnetic Assemblies Specialist, Matthew Swallow directly.

Matthew has a Masters in Engineering and has acquired many years’ experience working with bespoke magnetic assemblies and has a passion for supporting new and emerging technologies.

Contact Matthew Swallow our Magnetic Assembly Specialist on

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